Many people these days focus on a wide range of designs of knives manufactured by the most reputable companies throughout the world. If they have a desire to find out the reliable brand of knives on the market and explore a huge collection of choices, then they can directly look at Schrade on online. They will make a good decision and buy the best suitable knife as per their requirements.
The Schrade Cutlery Company was established in 1904 in Walden, New York. This company is known for its premium yet affordable knives. Cutting-edge products of this brand make all customers more contented than ever. This company represents Q3 technology that denotes quality as well as quick series of multi-functional folders designed to provide the highest possible performance. This company is the first and finest custom knife maker in our time.

Top 3 knives

Every person has different requirements on knives at this time. If they have decided to buy an appropriate knife at a reasonable price, then they can directly explore the latest collection of Schrade knives available on online. Among many knives of this brand, the following three knives are recommended mostly in recent times.

• SCHF10
• SCHF14

There are many factors to consider while appraising the overall quality and appropriateness of the knife. However, some of the main factors are as follows.

• Blade length
• Blade steel
• Overall length
• Handle material
• Sheath material
• Weight
• User-friendliness
• Durability
• Cost


SCHF9 is a medium-to-large knife and featuring 15.9 ounces weight, 6.4” blade length and 12.1” overall length. This knife is made from 1095 high carbon steel. This material plays a leading role behind the strength as well as rigidity of this knife. The handle of this knife is a durable rubber. Non-slip grip of the aggressive ring in the handle makes every user of this knife satisfied.


This knife comes with a fixed blade required for hunting and outdoor adventurous activities. Solid and firm grip from the blade of this knife provides the highest possible comfort to users. Every user of this knife can store it in the ballistic nylon belt sheath. They get very good balance in their hand.
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